About Us

KindPerson.org was founded in 2017 by Bryon Sutherland and is based on applying positive psychology to bring out the best version of ourselves. You are not a toaster, you will undergo many changes during your life.  In what direction do you want that changes to be?

Note from our founder: As I designed the Kindness Adventure cards I had to, of course, make sure that I completed my own deck.  One of the cards requests that you donate blood.  When I was in college, many years ago, I tried to give blood but my fear caused me to pass out midway through and I never attempted again in the intervening years.  Before selling the first deck of cards I forced myself to successfully donate blood for the first time.  I'm older, hopefully wiser, and more kind than I was in my college days and after getting over the first hump I can now give blood without anxiety.  I hope that you too can be inspired to get out of your comfort zone and make our world more kind.  --Bryon Sutherland