Kindness Adventure Resources

Download & Print Kindness Adventure cards for free

Can't wait for the postman?  Download your cards for free right now. Printable Kindness Adventure deck.


Micro-loans allow you to make a big difference in someone's life for as little as $25.  You can pick the purpose, person, & region of the world you want to support. Small donations from kind people are bundled into larger loans that can really make an impact in someone's life. The management of the payback, interest, etc is managed by a service.  We've had great experiences with

Cards for ill Children

Bring some sunshine into a kid's life who could really use it.  Several services provide ways to send cards to children with devestating illnesses.  We've had good experiences with Cards for Hospitalized Kids and Send Kids the World.  If you're in the UK, check out Post Pals.


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